Personal Chef Service Questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in my Personal Chef Service. In order to meet your specific needs, please take a few moments to fill out the following form. This information helps me to customize your meals accurately for your enjoyment.

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This is the day each week that your meals will be delivered directly to you. The following options are currently available:
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"Medically documented" means officially coming from your doctor. In this space I am not looking for details on food preferences or things that you dislike eating; there is space later on to tell me all about those things if you so desire. If no, just leave this section blank.
Which cuisines do you enjoy eating or are looking to try? *
If you're looking to try a new cuisine that you're not too familiar such as Irish, I'd love to introduce you to MANY of the dishes I learned while attending culinary school in Ireland.
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If you found me another way than a reference, just leave this section blank.
This helps me to know how HOT you want your spice level. This is not for temperature or the actual spices used.