1 to 1 Cooking Classes

Chef Daniel Lubin will transform you from home cook to chef in no time!

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Private 1 to 1 cooking classes are a great way to:

  • Find satisfaction in cooking a meal from start to finish, including how to shop for the best local ingredients.
  • Master what it would otherwise take you many years to learn by meticulously reading cookbooks, testing recipes and watching hours of food TV shows.
  • Learn simple to advanced cooking techniques that will last you a lifetime, based on exactly what you want to learn.
  • Understand key flavor combinations by using a variety of locally sourced ingredients, fresh herbs, spices and more.
  • Sharpen your knife skills, while becoming more efficient in the kitchen: learn what knives to use and when, how to hold a knife properly, and even how to keep your knives in great condition, etc.

who is this best suited for?

  • Beginner cooks who have no idea where to start but want to know how to cook.
  • Advanced cooks who want to reach higher stages of mastery in the kitchen.
  • Individuals or even couples who want to learn to cook together. Great date night opportunity!
  • People who have been recently been diagnosed with a health condition that requires them to change their diet.
  • Looking to start a food business, but you're not sure where to begin. Let me show you the ropes.


What to Expect:

  • Each class is personalized with the recipes and techniques that you want to learn, such as chopping, peeling, dicing, slicing, deboning a chicken, filleting a fish, etc. and then properly cooking these ingredients.
  • Class length: 3 hours of preparing between 2 to 4 dishes.
  • You keep all of the left overs to eat throughout the week.


What do you need for class?

  • A kitchen where we can cook together.
  • A camera. You're more than welcome to take photos of anything covered in class, including the amazing food you cook to show off to your family and friends on social media! They will definitely want to see your creations!
  • I provide you with all the recipes we cook and they're yours to keep. I will bring my professional knife set with me, as well as any special utensils or equipment we might be using for your personalized menu. Additionally, if you don't own a knife set, I'm happy to help guide you in the right direction on buying the best knives based on your specific budget. I don't have any sponsors and don't make any money from doing so, I simply like to help my clients that might need some extra guidance in this area.


1 to 1 cooking classes are for 1 or even 2 people, like couple who wants to learn how to cook together. I charge $3oo/class + cost of food.


I offer 1 to 1 cooking classes in Carlsbad, Del Mar, Vista, San Marcos, & Escondido.



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